San Diego

Sunny San Diego! This was a well-needed weekend escape from Canada’s cold and unpredictable October weather.

First of all, if you go to San Diego and are staying in hostel, do yourself a favour and stay at the OCEAN BEACH USA HOSTEL! This hostel was amazing; they offered free breakfast, had friendly staff and a lot of nightly activities (which is key for meeting people).


Day 1 – Ocean Beach + Balboa Park

Ocean Beach

I spent my first day in San Diego exploring the Ocean Beach area. It was a little hectic because it was the same weekend as Oktoberfest but fun to look around nonetheless! I started my day off with a delicious Acai bowl from O.B smoothies, only a few minutes away from the beach. Then I walked down the Ocean Beach pier and had a beautiful view of the shoreline. After that I decided to make my way through the beach front market, with food, clothing, accessories and more.

Balboa Park

After spending some time in Ocean Beach, I made my way to Balboa park! This place is AMAZING! The architecture is absolutely stunning and the park has several different areas to see, from rose gardens to art museums. I think I spent approximately 4 hours here just walking around and enjoying the scenery.


After my day of exploring, I joined my hostel roommates in the pub crawl hosted by Ocean Beach USA Hostel which was a lot of fun!

Day 2

Wine and Art Market

This is the place I was most excited to see! For those of you that don’t know , it’s  pronounced La Ho-Ya and means “jewel” in Spanish. Luckily, my Uber driver kindly corrected me after I pronounced it terribly wrong, preventing any further embarrassment. I was extremely lucky as there was a Wine & Art festival this weekend in La Jolla. I spent hours admiring the beautiful artwork and had the opportunity to try a lot of good food as well.

La Jolla Cove

After spending some time at the festival, I made my way to the main attraction of La Jolla – the seals! The La Jolla Cove area on the coast, down to the Children’s pool are known for being some of the main places to see the seals and sea lions. They were very cute and there were a lot of baby seals to see as well. The only thing I recommend is to admire them from a reasonable distance – DO NOT GET TOO CLOSE TO THEM! They were extremely protective of one another and would hiss or snap at tourists if they invaded their personal space – especially with the baby seals.


I definitely suggest checking out La Jolla Cove and walking along the coast line! It’s a really cool sight to see, just be sure you respect the seals and keep your distance.

On my way back to Ocean Beach I stopped by Pacific Beach. They had a vibrant boardwalk full of street performers, rollerbladers, and restaurants. If you have time I recommend renting a bike and stopping at all the beaches along the coast – starting at Ocean Beach, then making your way to Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and ending in La Jolla.

Last but not least, I ended my day off with a beach bonfire. The hostel organizes beach bonfires twice a week with S’MORES! It was a lot of fun and brought the entire hostel together.

San Diego was amazing and I will definitely be back – see you soon Cali!

Pro Tips:

  • If you’re travelling alone, always look for a hostel that organizes daily events as this is a great way to meet people. You can usually find this information in the main description of the hostel written on or check out specific hostel websites
  • Always make sure you look online (just Google it) to see if there are any events happening during your stay in any city. This is how I found out about the Wine & Art festival!

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