Ibiza is one of those places that is probably on most people’s bucket lists, as it should be in my opinion. This was such a fun trip and as we were backpacking, we figured out how to do it on a budget!

From Barcelona, we took a 6am RyanAir flight to Ibiza and were planning to leave the next day at 8pm. This allowed us to have 2 full days in Ibiza, but only require 1 night of hostel accommodations. One night in a bunk bed cost me $70 in Ibiza, definitely a little bit outside my backpacker budget! But it’s okay, we did it for the Ibiza experience.

Once we arrived, we immediately headed to the beach as we couldn’t check in yet. Just our luck, it was raining. It didn’t stop us though, we waited out the rain and relaxed/napped, as we were a little sleep deprived from getting to the airport at 4am that morning. It seemed like a lot of partygoers felt the same way too, lots of people sleeping on the beach.

Once we could check in, we headed back to our hostel and started looking at the events available for the day. Neither my friend or I are know much about the DJ/club scene, but we saw one name that stood out to us – STEVE AOKI. There was an event held by Tomorrowland (definitely heard of that too) called Ushuaiia where Steve Aoki was the special guest. Tickets cost us 50 or 60 euros, which was one of the more affordable events as well. Another thing that was perfect about this event – it started at 6pm! With our lack of sleep, I don’t either of us would have made it to the events with a 12am start time.

Ushuaiia: Garden of Madness

Since we had a bit of time before the festival started, we went on a hunt for glitter! It was insanely hard to find glitter in a city known for its raves – so if you want glitter, bring it from home (KIKO was sold out).

Once we arrived, the excitement started to build up! The entrance was amazing, with cool flowers everywhere and as soon as we got in, we also got a flower crown of our own.

Neither of us knew what to expect, but we both had an amazing time! This event was so much fun, the DJs all had a lot of energy and kept the crowd dancing all night long.

I highly recommend Ibiza for anyone doing a Euro trip! It was a great time and we were able to do it on our backpacker budget. I’m sure I’ll be back in the near future.

Pro Tips:

  • If you are planning to drink for the event – pre-drink before hand! All the convenience stores on the street where the clubs are sell very cheap alcohol, but as soon as you enter the event you’re looking at around 20 euros or more for 1 drink!
  • If you want glitter, bring it from home! It was insanely hard to find.

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