Southern Thailand

Thailand is a fascinating country with an amazing culture, beautiful landscapes and delicious food.

Unfortunately I only had a month to explore Thailand so I had to come up with the PERFECT itinerary to make the most of my time there. My friend and I who were travelling together decided to split up our time equally in the south and north part of Thailand. After countless hours of researching and planning, we finally decided on the following:

Stop 1: Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is the island where the famous “Full Moon Party” takes place!  You can catch a full moon and half moon party every month in Koh Phangan, normally the full moon takes place closer to the end of the month and the half moon party/jungle party mid-month. I stayed at the Blue Dream Hostel where they had a pool and fresh food available all day long. This was a great way to relax before the famous party. Once the day arrived, everyone at the hostel came together and got creative with the glow paint! It was by far the best beach party I have ever been to with great music, sand and the full moon glowing down at the crowds. Koh Phangan also has a lot more to offer than the full moon party, they also have amazing beaches, stunning sunsets (Amsterdam Bar view below) and delicious food (especially Lexy’s Pancakes – I highly recommend them!)

Stop 2: Koh Tao

I only had 2 days at this island, but the highlight was definitely the beach.  I visited three different beaches, Freedom Beach, Sairee Beach and a secret beach attached to a random resort we stumbled upon. They both had great snorkelling, crystal clear water, and gorgeous rock formations in the back (see below). Koh Tao is mostly known for its affordable scuba diving courses however, these courses take about 3-4 days to complete and cost approximately $300-$500 which is insanely cheap in comparison to other courses around the world. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to complete a course but I definitely plan to return in the near future!

Stop 3: Koh Phi Phi

This is a beautiful island with its main highlight being Maya Bay, the beach where “The Island” with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed. I took a full day tour while in Koh Phi Phi that started at Monkey beach where I had the opportunity to feed monkeys and snorkel, and went to Maya Bay, which I think may be my #1 beach. This was one of the best days of my Thailand trip and it is definitely a must-see in Koh Phi Phi!

Stop 4: Khao Sok

Khao Sok is definitely off the tourist track but I thought we needed to see a bit more nature, as we had been beach hopping for over a week. Khao Sok is a national park in the south of Thailand that offers caves, plenty of trees, and exotic animals. My tour guide called himself “Big Man” and he was definitely one with the jungle. He never wore any shoes or socks and just walked barefoot through our several kilometre trek through mud, dirt and water. This was a really cool experience and I highly recommend that more tourists visit this park!

Stop 5: Krabi and Railay Beach

Last, but definitely not least Krabi and Railay Beach. Krabi is where I discovered more of the authentic Thai culture. Although I had eaten numerous pad thais at this point, I still did not feel truly immersed into their culture. Krabi had two spectacular night markets that offered a variety of food, jewellery, services, and clothing. The first market I attended was the famous Krabi night market with numerous stalls. Here I tried fresh seafood, green mango salad, numerous desserts and got my nails done in the centre of the market! The other market was a lot smaller but I was able to see a traditional Thai dance which was really cool to see!

The other highlight was Railay Beach – which you could only access by speedboat from Krabi. This beach had beautiful rock formations and perfect water to swim, snorkel and even kayak.

Beautiful Railay Beach

And that’s a wrap for southern Thailand, time to go north!

Thanks for reading & please check out my Thailand video!!

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